Frequently asked questions

What are your contact details?

If you need to contact us regarding our elearning courses or your account call 0116 234 7246 or email


How do I pay for an elearning course?

We accept online payment by debit or credit card.

If you're buying multiple licences for your team totalling £500 or more you can choose to pay by either purchase order or credit/debit card. For orders less than £500, we accept online payment by debit/credit card only. We’ve set the limit at £500, in order to minimise the administrative burden and associated costs to the NSPCC through raising and processing invoices. This helps ensure that every penny we raise is spent on our charitable mission to protect children from abuse and neglect.


What are the technical requirements?

Our courses should run in most web browsers, though we recommend that you use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.


Our courses are compatible with most tablet devices. However the NSPCC does not provide full technical support for tablet users.


Before beginning your course, we recommend installing the latest version of your web browser.


Videos in our courses are displayed using a web browser’s own video player, therefore video control functions will differ depending on the browser used. If you experience problems with the videos then we recommend you try taking the course in a different browser.


Having trouble? Try:


  • updating your web browser
  • turning off your pop-up blocker
  • clearing your cache
  • accepting our cookies
  • turning off private browsing
  • Enabling JavaScript
  • Permitting video through your firewall (for organisations)



I've registered and bought or completed a course but I haven't received any email confirmations. Why not?

When you register, buy or successfully complete a course, we'll send you a confirmation email from the following email address: If you don’t receive our email in your in-box, check your spam or junk folder, mark it as ‘not junk’ and add us to your list of contacts. If no email has been received, please contact us in case we hold an incorrect email address for you.


I've finished my course. How do I download my certificate?

When you've finished your course, it will display as 'Completed' on your My Learning Record. You can download your personalised Certificate of Achievement by clicking on the link at the foot of the page.


I've completed a course. Can I access it again?

Yes. Following your purchase you'll have access to your course for one year. You can take it as many times as you like in that time. When you've finished your course, it will move to the 'Completed' tab on your My Learning record. To retake simply click on Click on Launch course' to return to your course.


How do I give you feedback about a course? Is there an evaluation form?

Yes. When you've finished your course, it will move to the 'Completed' status on your My Learning Record. Access will then become visible to the evaluation form. Please take a few moments to tell us what you thought of your course by completing our feedback form. Your comments will help us to improve our elearning.


I need to purchase multiple courses or multiple licenses for one course for my team. How do I assign these to my team?

When you are choosing the course and adding this to your basket you will see that you have the ability to specify the numbers of licenses you wish to purchase along with whether these are for “myself” or “others”. By choosing the others option you will be provided with the ability to assign a registration code to each member of the team which will enable them to access the facility and thus the course. For this you will need to supply the name of the team member and their email address so that the invite can be sent.


Can I use these courses outside the UK?

Although we welcome learners from outside the UK, our elearning has been written specifically to comply with UK law and UK government guidance. The elearning and materials we link to on other websites may not comply with legislation and guidance in force in other countries outside the UK. For the latest information on UK legislation, please visit


I'm trying to access a course from work. What do my IT department need to know?

Our elearning courses are accessed via a secure web based learning environment known as a Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS is located at the web domain

This site requires users to login in order to access their courses. Both Flash and HTML5 content is used within our training courses depending on your browser. Videos are also available to users once they are logged in.

We recommend the following:

(a) the web domain and email address should be set as trusted,

(b) cookies should be enabled,

(c) video streaming should be permitted through your firewall,

(d) JavaScript should be enabled,

(e) pop-up browser windows should be allowed. Please also see the answer to the earlier question 'What are the technical requirements?'.